Cai Zhi Song, ‘故国·风1#; Custom to Motherland, No. 1’, 2001, Linda Gallery

About Cai Zhi Song

Cai Zhi Song draws inspiration from statues created during the Qin and Han Dynasties (221–206 BC and 206 BC–220 AD, respectively), eras of rule that defined the political structure and artistic output of his native China. Cai’s life-size sculptures—depicting figures who resemble dynastic leaders, warriors, and servants—combine traditional aesthetics with contemporary forms, materials, and concepts. In his “Motherland” series, characters adorned with ancient hairstyles and clothing assume expressive, non-traditional poses and are fashioned from contemporary materials like fiberglass, resin, copper plate, and brass wire. By fusing past and present, Cai evokes themes of regionalism, globalization, and cultural exchange.

Chinese, b. 1972

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