Caitlin MacBride, ‘Corner Of The Room’, 2017, The Kitchen

Courtesy of the Artist.

This piece comes from a series of still life paintings Caitlin MacBride has done of fabric draped in her studio. Created from careful observation, her lush depiction calls attention to the seams and folds of the material—pondering its transformation from two-dimensional textile to three-dimensional form. Using a variety of bright colors, the work’s composition plays with ambiguity as it shuttles between the abstract and the representational. MacBride notes that, “the fragments play a role as a solid point of departure that then leads into a place of personalized improvisation.” –Courtesy of The Kitchen


Born in 1983, Caitlin MacBride works in painting to explore the intersections of pop-culture and feminism through abstract explorations of shape and color. MacBride has had solo exhibitions at Chapter NY and Real Fine Arts. She has been in recent group shows at Soloway, Greene Naftali, and Zach Feuer.

Signature: Verso

Image rights: Courtesy of the Kitchen and the Artist.

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