Camila Rodrigo Graña, ‘Juven's Wolf ’, 2008, Aperture Foundation

Signature: Signed and numbered by the artist

About Camila Rodrigo Graña

Often including herself among her subjects, photographer Camila Rodrigo Graña captures the lifestyle of the youth culture of her native Peru with a documentary intimacy likened to Nan Goldin and David Armstong. Although she initially studied journalism, Graña rerouted her interests after three years and left to pursue photography, ultimately receiving a master’s degree in Italy. Graña's work blends the aesthetic of commercial fashion photography and advertising with an objective documentary sensibility borrowed from her foundation in journalism. In photographs of artists, musicians, and nonconformists with shared alternative lifestyles, Graña documents life outside of the mainstream. On par with the rebellious attitudes of her subjects is an unmistakable sense of self-consciousness throughout the groups, which emerges in full clarity despite the grainy aesthetic of her images.

Peruvian, b. 1983, Lima, Peru

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