Camilla Wilson, ‘Rabbits’, 2015, The Kitchen

Courtesy of the Artist.

London-based artist Camilla Wilson’s Rabbits depicts the ghostly and dreamlike domestic interior of “Councillor Kresper,” a figure culled from German Romantic author E.T.A. Hoffman’s 1819 short story “Rat Krespel.” Her interiors in this particular series hover between theatrical stage set, real space, and apparition, and Rabbits underscores this blurring of states: furniture occupies the blue-bathed room without logical placement; perspective is slightly skewed; and paint is applied thinly upon the surface of the canvas. Translucencies and the overlapping of planes evoke movement, or the passage of time and people, though the room remains eerily uninhabited. –Courtesy of The Kitchen


Camilla Wilson works primarily in paint exploring the architecture and psychological realm of interior spaces. Wilson’s paintings depict fragmentary details of these interiors as well as carefully staged scenes devoid of people that imbue familiar spaces with a sense of the menacing or uncanny. Based in London, Wilson has had solo exhibitions at Unit 2 Gallery, Whitechapel, and Slade Gallery at University College London.

Signature: Verso

Image rights: Courtesy of the Artist and The Kitchen.