Camille Bombois, ‘Promenade de la Marne’, Daphne Alazraki Fine Art

Olivier Lorquin has confirmed the authenticity of this painting.

Promenade de la Marne is a lovely landscape that highlights Bombois considerable skills and unique style. The painting depicts a lily pond with tree line, cottony clouds and figures in the background. The careful attention to space, the effects of reflected light on water and the color palette of green and blue create a serene atmosphere.

Signature: Bombois Clle

Galerie J. Le Chapelin, Paris
Sotheby's, New York
Collection of Dr. Laurence and Dorothy Grossman, Nashville, Tennessee

About Camille Bombois

French, 1883-1970, Benarey-les-Laumes, France, based in Paris, France