Camille Rose Garcia, ‘Royal Disorder Subterranean Invasion’, 2007, Jonathan LeVine Projects

About Camille Rose Garcia

Drawing from an eclectic range of influences—including science fiction author Philip K. Dick, Beat writer William S. Burroughs, Walt Disney, outsider artist Henry Darger, and politically aware bands like The Clash and the Dead Kennedys—Camille Rose Garcia makes visually engaging work with political messages. In her psychedelic, eye-popping paintings, detailed drawings, toys, and books she combines recognizable cartoon images and pop cultural references. She strives for both visual pleasure and trenchant social criticism in her work. As she explains, “I think I have always approached art making in the same way as a lot of my favorite bands. Bands like The Clash and the Dead Kennedys make this really rad music, that in some cases sounds really fun, but still has a social commentary.”

American, b. 1970, Los Angeles, California, based in Los Angeles, California