Candice Breitz, ‘Factum Kang From the series Factum’, 2009, White Cube

Duration: 69 minutes 10 seconds looped Dual-channel installation: 2 hard drives

Released alongside a body of films of the same title 'Factum', these prints portray identical twins and triplets, exploring the artist's ongoing fascination with the internal and external influences that enable individualism. Like the near-identical paintings by Robert Rauschenberg Factum I and Factum II, 1957, on which Factum Kang is based, the duality of the two prints is permeated with differences which may not be at first apparent.

About Candice Breitz

Simultaneously compelling and uncomfortable, Candice Breitz’s video installations and photographs reflect her concern with the instability of identity in an age of widespread media saturation. She has described this as “the ever-increasing impact of the culture industry on subject formation in an age where lives lived on-stage have the capacity to radically influence and determine those lived off-stage.” In Mother Father (2005), for example, Breitz combined clips of various Hollywood actors playing mothers and fathers into a dysfunctional montage, suggesting the disturbing ways in which our perceptions of fundamental human experiences have been shaped by mass media.

South African, b. 1972, Johannesburg, South Africa, based in Berlin, Germany