Cano Erhardt, ‘Wonders of nature #15’, Flecha

Both editions are printed with pigmented inks on museum quality paper. Adhered
to 1.4mm Dibond aluminium plate and framed with wood painted black and anti-
UV acrylic cover.

The materials employed ensure an outstanding longevity to the work.
The elegance of high quality paper and case-type framing along with the very thin
wooden black frame confer a very classical and at the same time modern
In this photograph made in 2017 the author conveys the beauty of nature. He also
introduces a rich metaphoric content and shows some peculiar characteristics of
photographic language like spatial fragmentation, abstraction and ambiguity.

Series: Edition of 6; 43 1/3 x 65 in.

About Cano Erhardt

Spanish, b. 1955, Bilbao, Spain, based in Madrid, Spain

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