CANTSTOPGOODBOY, ‘Because Only Weak Man Knows the Value of Strength and the Value of Power’, 2015, Art Angels


Los Angeles-based artist CANTSTOPGOODBOY combines graffiti and collage elements in a detailed mixed-media street art style that’s all his own. In addition to aerosol spray paint and acrylics, the self-taught artist uses diamond dust and fragments from vintage comic books to embellish his paintings—often adding these colorful cartoon swatches to the mane of his signature lion motif or his seductive female figures. Working in many forms, including public murals, works on canvas, skateboards, and fashion projects, CANTSTOPGOODBOY has caught the attention of major companies, leading to collaborations with the likes of Absolut, Converse, and the recording artist Bruno Mars.

American, b. 1990, based in Mailbu, California