Cara Barer, ‘White Pages 2012’, 2013, KLOMPCHING GALLERY

The artist photographs outdated, abandoned and obsolete books, but only after transforming them into exquisite sculptural objects. Coiled and crumpled, they segue into a considered commentary on the changing role of libraries, society’s relationship with how it accesses and values knowledge and, in a technology advance world, her work questions the future of the book itself. The brilliance of the photographs lies in their ability to speak on multiple levels—through an understated interplay of content, design and color.

The photographs are presented as large-scale pigment prints, rich in color and highly detailed, engendering both curiosity and delight. Her work can be rmly placed within the interdisciplinary—new and growing—genre of ‘altered books,’ which started in the 1960’s with A Monument: A Treated Victorian Novel by the British artist Tom Phillips.

Signature: Signed, Titled, Dated, Numbered on verso.

Image rights: Cara Barer

Direct from the artist.

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