Carin Ellberg, ‘dom berättade om sina relationer’, 2007, Andréhn-Schiptjenko

About Carin Ellberg

In her paintings and sculptures, Carin Ellberg approaches landscape as both an art historical trope and a physical and sensorial place. Featuring softly colored mounds and cloud shapes, her acrylic paintings resemble gentle, dream-like pastorals. Her mixed-media sculptures approach landscape more obliquely, suggesting natural forms through their assemblages of disparate materials and suggestive titles. For example, her bronze outdoor sculpture Främmande Växtlighet (Alien Vegetation) (2012) evokes French Art Nouveau while its title suggests a mutant variety of tree. Though this work is made with metal, Ellberg typically uses soft materials drawn from her personal life, suggesting that landscape can also refer to the intimate spaces of domestic life.

Swedish, b. 1959, Stockholm, Sweden, based in Stockholm, Sweden