Carl Corey, ‘Americaville Postcard Series with Album’, 2016, Wall Space Gallery

Americaville subscribers get a new 5×7 inch Americaville Post Card each month for 12 months.
Pictures are printed on high quality thick 405gsm stock and mailed in a kraft paper envelope for protection.
Each postcard contains a quote, title and a signature on rear.

Also available is a custom made Americaville Post Card Album which holds 20 5×7 inch post cards, is acid free, and nicely constructed. The album is pictured closed in the second frame and open with card inserted in the third frame on left.

Series: Americaville

Signature: en verso

Image rights: (c) Carl Corey

Americaville premiered in California at wall space gallery, 2016

Postcards signed, editioned and dated en verso

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