Carl Fudge, ‘Overflow Brown’, 2005, Ronald Feldman Gallery

About Carl Fudge

In his paintings and prints, Carl Fudge turns recognizable images into hypnotic abstractions that evoke pixelated images. The New York–based artist begins his work by drawing from an extensive archive of images, often working with the erotic prints of Hokusai or more contemporary manga drawings. For his prints, Fudge scans and then rasterizes the images until the only trace of the original is its color palette. He makes his paintings through a similar process, creating digitized abstractions of mostly Japanese images. On formal principles, Fudge’s work addresses the role of technology in the process of painting, while his work engages questions of appropriation and art history at a conceptual level.

British, b. 1962, London, United Kingdom, based in New York, United States

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