Carl Hammoud, ‘Stairway’, 2016, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

About Carl Hammoud

In his surrealistic paintings, drawings, and sculptures, Carl Hammoud explores our need to impose order on the world, poking fun at our unending, often quixotic efforts to keep chaos at bay. As he describes: “I am very interested in chaos vs. order…One way of looking at it is that we are existing at the verge of chaos and all our efforts are put into keeping things in order.” These efforts manifest as institutions of science, culture, and education, and their taxonomies. Hammoud begins by trolling the Internet for photographs of laboratories, museums, archives, and classrooms, often combining elements from multiple images into a single work. Rendered in muted tones and with antiseptic precision, his compositions show workers dutifully hunched over stacks of blank papers or museum interiors without art, demonstrating that order is inevitably predicated upon exclusion.

Swedish, b. 1976, Stockholm, Sweden, based in Stockholm, Sweden