Carl Mccrow, ‘Toy Gun’, HG Contemporary

It is the most effective killing machine ever invented, ending the lives of an estimated 250,000 people every year. The AK47 is the original assault rifle and is one of the most commonly smuggled small arms sold to governments, rebels, criminals and civilians alike around the world.
There have been approximately 75 million produced since 1947. It is inexpensive to manufacture, highly reliable, relatively compact and so simple to use even a child can operate it, this fact alone has resulted in nearly two hundred and fifty thousand child soldiers recruited for use in active combat.
Fisher Price makes a sharp reference to the fact that in many war torn areas, irrespective of those forced to take arms, many children are more likely to experience a real AK47 before a toy one.
The piece is in balance to challenge the notion that the violence and abuse that can surround a weapon may not always be forward of the trigger. It is precariously balanced; in part to demonstrate the equilibrium of suffering on both sides of the weapon.
In the making of this piece one of the world’s most effective killing machines was destroyed and with the sale of this piece a child solider will be sponsored for duration of their childhood.

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