Carl Smith, ‘Beyond Andy Warhol’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse

Carl Smith is an American artist who has been living in Berlin, Germany, since 2001. He works with a combination of silkscreen printing, collage, and painting. Carl is originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and studied art at Cooper Union in New York.

In his art Smith explores the area between Pop Art and Surrealism. He combines his own photographic material with drawings and other fragments of narrative imagery. He works with several layout combinations before creating a finished image. From this image, he selects and transmits specific parts onto a canvas in a screen printing process and further completes his works with oil paint. With the use of imagery he tells slightly absurd and humorous visual anecdotes. The process of making these narrative works is what Smith refers to as, 'Drawing with Pictures'.

Carl Smith has exhibited his work in France, Germany, Norway, Holland, USA and England in numerous solo shows or as a member of a four man team called TABI. He was chosen as one of five artists who exhibited at the Berliner Liste, invited to exhibit in the 2012 Paris Mac art fair as a featured guest of the organizers.

Group Shows
2013 'People in Motion' Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles
2012 'Rare Birds', Lessing Halle, Kiel, Germany
2011 'Urban Discovery', ArtSpace Warehouse, Los Angeles
2010 'White Gloves Evening', Kunst Kontor, Berlin.
2010 ‘Urban Desire’, Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles
2009 'Pocket Art', Kielkind Kunstraum, Kiel, Germany
‘Pop is Hot’, Kunstwarenhaus, Zurich, Switzerland
2008 ‘Mingle Configuration’, Turn Gallery, Berlin, Germany
‘Berliner Kunstsalon’. Umspanwerk, Berlin, Germany
2002 ‘T.A.B.I. Mini Salon’, private residence, Berlin, Germany
2000 ‘Pop am Ring’, Waschhaus, Potsdam, Germany
1997 ‘Scrambling Wall’, Site 21/21, Albuquerque, N.M.
‘Paper View’, Cooper Union, New York, N.Y.
1998 ‘Send in the Clones’, The Emerging Collector, New York, N.Y.
‘Truck’, The Lofts, Santa Fe, N.M.
‘Ship from the Desert’, Machinenehalle, Potsdam, Germany
1996 ‘Exotica’, Dodge Magazine offices, San Francisco, CA
‘Planet Iris’, The Lab, San Francisco, CA
1995 ‘From New York to Amsterdam’, Schuim, Amsterdam, Holland
‘Formentation’, Offsite, Santa Fe, N.M.
1992 ‘Hypnotic frenzy’, Railyard Performance Center, Santa Fe, N.M.
‘The Burning Boat’, The Bookroom, Santa Fe, N.M.
‘T.A.B. May Show’, Tesuque Art Barn, Tesuque, N.M.

Solo shows
2014'Body Clock', Cabinet de Chiropratique, Berlin, Germany
2013'The Living Lexicon', DAT Gallery Berlin, Germany
'Iiwii Gallery presents #3', Iiwii Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2012'Synchronicity', Cabinet de Chiropratique, Berlin, Germany
'The Imaginary Salon´, Moppete, Berlin
'Between the Lines', As-style, Berlin
'Sound of the City', Inkarma Gallery, Berlin
2011'Northern Kites', Kielkind Kunstraum,Kiel.2009 'Jumping Your Shadow', Kielkind Kunstraum, Kiel, Germany
2006 ‘Simultaneity’, Art & Industry, Santa Fe, N.M
2005 ‘Magazine, Magazine’ The Spitz, London, England
2003 ‘Metaphor’, Cafe Rosa, Berlin, Germany
1998 ‘Transience’, Ecole National des Beaux Artes, Paris, France
1997 ‘Correspondences’, Plan B, Santa Fe, N.M.
1993 ‘Contact’, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
‘Summer Times…’ The Velvet Cage, Santa Fe, N.M.

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About Carl Smith

Berlin-based artist and musician Carl Smith pulls together images from various sources in a process he calls “drawing with pictures.” He combines his own photographic material with drawings and other fragments into loosely narrative collages that he screen prints on canvas, then stretches and finishes with details added in oil paint and pencil. The results are hand-painted images with a graphic quality and heavily textured canvas. “In this age of slick advertisements and seamless computer imagery,” Smith has said, “it is important for me to allow the steps of the process I use to show through and to embrace the small accidents and coincidences that happen along each step of the way.” With their hints of Pop Art and Surrealism, the works recall the acts of journaling and recording of personal history.

American, b. 1972