Carlo Benvenuto, ‘Untitled’, 2017, Mazzoli

About Carlo Benvenuto

In his spare and minimally composed photographs of quotidian objects, Carlo Benvenuto unearths the uncanny quality within the everyday. Benvenuto follows several protocols in all of his works, beginning with a mandate to focus only on readily available domestic objects, such as a bowl of fruit on a table. He photographs using a direct and frontal composition, often with natural light, though in recent work he has begun using red filters. He then superimposes negatives of related objects (e.g., the bowl and the table) atop one another, lending the print a ghostly and ethereal air. “The object appears as what it is, but in this hyperobjectivity becomes metaphysical,” writes curator Alessandra Pioselli. “Stripped of its familiar use and of any signs of subjectivity, the object becomes a presence that holds within itself all possible projections.”

Italian, b. 1966