Carlos Amorales, ‘Useless Wonder Maps 2’, 2010, Highpoint Editions

Image rights: Photo Credit: Rik Sferra | Image Courtesy of Highpoint Editions and Carlos Amorales

Publisher: Highpoint Editions

About Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales’ visual vocabulary—seen in his installations, animations, drawings, sculptures, and paintings—stems from his “Liquid Archive,” a digital collection of black-silhouetted images extracted from observations of nature and urban scenes. Major symbols recurring throughout the archive include spider webs, birds, skulls, leafy branches, and pregnant women. Amorales positions himself as a mediator between these images and their manifestation in works of art, filtering and combining them to produce unpredictable, and at times unsettling, juxtapositions.

Mexican, b. 1970, Mexico City, Mexico, based in Mexico City, Mexico