Carlos Cruz-Diez, ‘Chromointerférence’, 2013, Elisabetta Cipriani
Carlos Cruz-Diez, ‘Chromointerférence’, 2013, Elisabetta Cipriani

Known for his emphasis on colours and his research on movement, optic and viewer perception Carlos Cruz-Diez is one of the most acclaimed Latin-American contemporary artists. The visual response of spectators in viewing his works is always different depending on their changing position in front of the work of art. In this way, Cruz-Diez presents perfectly combined lines of colours that come and go, overlap and evolve in space.

The limited edition of earrings, necklaces and rings are designed by Familia Cruz-Diez in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani and they charmingly proposes some of the most interesting outcomes of Cruz-Diez’s artistic research. In fact, the fine jewellery allows us to carry on our hands or neck small Physichromies where the colour comes and goes, evolving in space as we move. Whilst in Chromointerférence pieces, in Elisabetta Cipriani edition only, the jewel generates wave motions when it is manipulated.

Signature: Signed and numbered

Manufacturer: The Artist for Elisabetta Cipriani

About Carlos Cruz-Diez

Venezuelan painter and kinetic artist Carlos Cruz-Diez broke new ground in color-optics during the Kinetic art movement of the 1960s. Deeply interested in color relationships, aesthetics, and perception, his influences include Georges Seurat's shimmering, pointillist compositions and Josef Albers’ illusionistic square paintings. His optical experiments focus on how color and line can create a sensation of movement as the viewer’s relative position to the artwork changes. In 1959, he shifted the emphasis of his work from paint to colored light.

Venezuelan, b. 1923, Caracas, Venezuela

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