Carlos Cruz-Diez, ‘Inducción Cromática a Doble Frequencia - 3AED’, 2013, Maddox Arts

Edition number 40/40

Degrees of Separation; Pinta 2014

Poligrafa Arte Grafica

About Carlos Cruz-Diez

Venezuelan painter and kinetic artist Carlos Cruz-Diez broke new ground in color-optics during the Kinetic art movement of the 1960s. Deeply interested in color relationships, aesthetics, and perception, his influences include Georges Seurat's shimmering, pointillist compositions and Josef Albers’ illusionistic square paintings. His optical experiments focus on how color and line can create a sensation of movement as the viewer’s relative position to the artwork changes. In 1959, he shifted the emphasis of his work from paint to colored light.

Venezuelan, b. 1923, Caracas, Venezuela