Carlos Rojas, ‘Acuarela Cruzados’, 1971, Casas Riegner

About Carlos Rojas

Carlos Rojas practiced architecture before turning to a career in painting. He described his artistic pursuit as articulating the geometric basis of the world, which for Rojas González was linked to his understanding of spirituality and the divine. Rojas explains: “I have never created anything. […] That which I study, analyze and compare yields some common denominators, which, when agglomerated, give rise to a result, and the result is the artwork.” His works are characterized by a vibrant use of contrasting colors, and a strong sense of architectural space—a remnant from his former occupation. Rojas drew inspiration from the practice of Antonio Berni, and his own love of music.

Colombian, 1933-1997, Facatativá - Cundinamarca, Colombia