Caro Jost, ‘INVOICE PAINTING B.N. June 1, 1956’, 2017, Walter Storms Galerie

About Caro Jost

In the year 2000, Caro Jost developed her iconic technique “Streetprinting,” which draws from practices of photography, printmaking, and painting, to produce imprints of the unique reliefs of roads or pavements. The resulting images are not only records of the tracks that people and machines have left over the course of years, but also records of our present time and place. To date, Jost has made Streetprints in over 40 different cities around the world. Beginning in 2010, Jost began a film and photography project about the Abstract Expressionist artists and what remains of their workspaces in New York, in a work entitled Final Traces of the Abstract Expressionists. In addition to studying law for a period of time, Jost attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, where she was tutored by Jean-Marc Bustamante.

German, b. 1965