Carolina Convers, ‘Versus No. 2’, 2016, Beatriz Esguerra Art

About Carolina Convers

Merging her own memories with found photographs, and digital technology with the handmade, Carolina Convers creates mixed-media compositions centered upon a range of female protagonists and interior and outdoor scenes. She begins by sourcing (often vintage) photographs of women and comfortable suburban scenes, which she uploads onto the computer and alters as she sees fit—blurring or eradicating faces, multiplying figures, adjusting the placement of chairs, tables, or other elements. After printing these manipulated photographs onto sheets of acetate, she alters them still further with exuberant, expressive brushstrokes, wild patterning, and the bright colors reminiscent of Pop Art. The female figures at the heart of so many of her works appear at once perfectly perky and monstrous, products of the impossible ideal of femininity, and of Convers’s pointed defacement of it.

Colombian, b. 1973, Barrancabermeja, Colombia, based in Bogota, Colombia