Carolina Maggio, ‘I am Alive N.4’, 2016, Flat Space Art

Carolina Maggio is an artist, for Flat Space Art she has translated her art onto rugs and table mats. She is making huge waves. People are asking and questioning, why just have art on walls, why not have it everywhere? It is just as collectable. Her art works now reach over 10,000 k. Newspaper and publications are agreeing and writing about her. She has just had a double page spread in the Daily Telegraph all about her art on products. This is a rare opportunity, the most exquisite luxurious table mat arguably ever to be seen. The colours are vivid and bright. Carolina Maggio who is an artist has translated her art onto table mats. She has used leather inks on the softest cream kid leather, finished and sealed with special paints. You need nothing else on your table except this beautiful piece. What are you putting on your dining room, kitchen, house this year? This is a one off unique piece. Leather art designed for use as a Table Mat. Alternatively can be used as wall or other decoration. is this not the ultimate treat? Collectable. Ethereal piece. Abundance and sheer luxury. Ink painting on the softest leather hide. Girl, woman, eyes that look into your soul, beautifully styled hair, purple tones flowing in gentle waves, her collar, greys, purples dash of cerise pink, enveloping her beautiful face, pursed berry red lips and rose tinted cheeks. Her frame is protected by a gold, bronze blanket. She's holding, clutching red and white flowers. Green, Brown, Purple, and Sun colour golds. Splashes of gold. Contrasting soft cream leather. A piece from an era where quality was everything. Carolina Maggio's art investigates the mystery of human consciousness. Maggio discovered her style during her first travel to the Amazon jungle in 2008, where she came to understand the interconnectivity between all elements of life. She found in art a natural conduit for her experience of reality. This is art on a leather rug,a portrait, flowers, woman, life, nature, beauty, interior, home, dining room table, design, gold, figurative, abstract, original, unique, ultimate in luxury. Perfect for ones living space. This is an original piece, only 1. Invest in Art, Art is for Life!