Caroline Walker, ‘Waiting’, 2018, GRIMM

About Caroline Walker

On canvases filled with art-historical symbols and references, Caroline Walker explores themes of women’s domestic roles, private space, and the power of gaze. The series “Vantage Point” (2011) features the same lone female figure in a variety of poses and situations in the different rooms of an eerily empty modern home, often visible only through a reflection in a mirror. The woman vacillates between performing housework and examining or tending to her own body, often injecting the erotic into a seemingly mundane task. As the title suggests, Walker plays with angles and perspective in the series, offering glimpses of the subject from above and below, or from behind an article of furniture, placing the viewer in the house with her.

Scottish, b. 1982, Dunfermline, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom