Carolyn Salas, ‘Untitled No. 09’, 2015, 315 Gallery

About Carolyn Salas

Privileging imperfection, absurdity, and hand labor over the sterile perfection of mass-produced products, Carolyn Salas makes awkwardly beautiful sculptures, installations, and works on paper through which she comments on contemporary life. “In a culture obsessed with mass production and disposability, my work is a conduit of my opposition to this standard,” she explains. Working with an assortment of materials, she has cast concrete, plaster, and fiberglass into abstract and representational forms, mixed with found objects; crafted installations out of dyed and shredded canvases and lengths of gold platted chain; and transformed collaged paper and shells into goofy faces. In all of her work, Salas disarms viewers through such unexpected combinations and uses of materials, highlighting what, in her words, gets lost in the scrum of everyday life: “the imperfections and human attributes of burdens, failures, and achievements.”


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