Carrie Marill, ‘Red Oak’, 2017, Lisa Sette Gallery

About Carrie Marill

Working in gouache on paper, Carrie Marill has a diverse portfolio influenced by styles varying from 18th-century European landscapes and natural history illustrations, to Asian textile design, to digital imaging and materials found online as well as in printed publications and at French flea markets. She is perhaps best known for rendering detailed portrait-like paintings of birds with white backgrounds, save for the occasional twig branch—her “Resident Bird” series (2008). Marill’s body of work also includes other animals, many of which are extinct, endangered, or have been subjected to abominable treatment in factories for the sake of human consumption. “How nature affects us and how we affect nature are two themes that continually crop up in my work,” says Marill. Besides fauna, Marill also paints exquisite landscapes that simultaneously draw inspiration from Persian miniatures and expansive Japanese screen paintings

American, b. 1976, San Francisco, California, based in Phoenix, Arizona