Casey Baugh, ‘Pondering’, 2016, ARCADIA CONTEMPORARY

About Casey Baugh

In his paintings and drawings of model-esque women—in natural, urban, domestic, and futuristic scenes—Casey Baugh merges realism and fantasy in a style he calls “narrative impressionistic realism.” He began his artistic career at the tender age of 13 and has been perfecting his work in oils and charcoal ever since. His compositions resemble fashion photo spreads, with a mysterious, melancholic cast. They are often centered upon an inscrutable, isolated female figure, either posed and looking directly out at viewers, or wandering, wrapped in thought. Baugh’s recent experiences with video and movie production and electrical engineering have translated into more involved compositions, in which woman and machine merge. In Static (2013), for example, a woman sits slumped and connected to wires inside a glowing, television-like box, punctuated with glowing screens—a vision of our hyper-connectivity in the 21st century.

American , b. 1984, based in New York, New York