Cassandria Blackmore, ‘Lepidoptera’, Heather Gaudio Fine Art

About Cassandria Blackmore

Cassandria Blackmore discovered her signature technique of reverse-painting on glass almost by accident. The artist was living in Seattle and unable to afford materials when she painted a self-portrait on a piece of glass; frustrated, she shattered the piece, only to discover she found the broken and reassembled image all the more compelling. Since then, she has focused on the medium, layering images backward on glass—beginning with highlights and details and working from there—a way of thinking that stems from her dyslexia. After completing a painting, she breaks it, ultimately creating an image that she views as an allegory for the human condition, at once fragile and strong. “In a way,” she has said, “the artist is sort of pulled out of the equation at the end, and the glass has the final say.”

American, b. 1968, California, based in Seattle and San Francisco

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