Cassils, ‘Pin Up from the Magazine Lady Face Man Body, No. 3’, 2011, Ronald Feldman Gallery

Photo: Heather Cassils with Robin Black

About Cassils

“Our bodies are sculptures formed by society’s expectations…[M]y body is my medium,” says Heather Cassils, who uses art to explore gender in non-binary terms. Approaching transexuality as a continuum rather than a process of transition with an end point, he combines the artistic traditions of documentation and performance with his own bodybuilding practice. In the work Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture, Cassils revisits Eleanor Antin’s landmark work of feminist art, Carving: A Traditional Sculpture. Cassil’s work upends Antin’s quest for physical perfection by focusing on the quest to gain mass rather than lose it.

Canadian, Montreal, Canada, based in Los Angeles, California