Cécile B. Evans, ‘What A Feeling (Detail)’, 2014, Seventeen

Animation and Effects: Tom Kemp
Project Manager: Lizzie Homersham
The Invisible Woman: Lizzie Homersham
The Invisible Woman’s Voice: Anna Rose Hopkins
Render Ghost: James Northcote
The Invisible Man: Othello De’Souza-Hartley
Haku’s Voice: Vocaloid software, fiverr.com/kateincosplay
Commenter Voices: Evelyne and Jonathan Evans
Music composition: Mati Gavriel
Character modeller for PHIL and arms: http://hosseindiba.cgsociety.org/
PHIL animation: Jonathan Symmonds, u6studio.com
Rendering: Michel van Osenbruggen, RenderFarm.NL
Monteray Bay Aquarium Footage: www.Cheesycam.com
Trip to Senegal: ALBERTPORTAL
Holographic technology: Musion
3D Render luxury hotel room; Nakagin capsule; blueprint construction: andresspa, freelancer.co.uk
Haku character model file conversion: studioheisenberg, freelancer.co.uk
SOFTNESS bottle 3D model for print: mkms3D, freelancer.co.uk
Alterations to 3D model of foot and leg: aclymer, freelancer.co.uk

Special thanks to Oliver Gingrich and Musion, Yuri Pattison, Dani Admiss and the Barbican Conservatory, Arsalan Mohammad, Lee Bassil, Tayah Leigh Barrs, Kathy Noble, Ben Vickers, Lucy Sollitt, Charlotte Settle, Lily Dolton, Seventeen and all those whom supported Hyperlinks.

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