Cecile Chong, ‘Long Wind’, 2009, Cynthia Corbett Gallery

About Cecile Chong

With her multicultural background as her reference point, Cecile Chong explores cross-cultural exchange and the formation and expression of identity in our interconnected age, in her mixed-media paintings, sculptures, and installations. Born in Ecuador to Chinese parents, she grew up between Ecuador, Macau, and China, speaks Spanish, Cantonese, and English, and currently lives in New York. Her work features a confluence of Eastern and Western imagery, drawn from such sources as vintage children’s books, Chinese decorative arts, and Ecuadorian social traditions. For Chong, the material is the message. Each one of her pieces is composed of a diverse assortment of media. As she writes about her paintings: “I [use] encaustic and other mixed media including oil, pigments from Morocco and India, volcanic ash from Ecuador, rice paper, and electronic components from circuit boards. Each material becomes a culture signifier.”

Ecuadorian, based in New York, New York