Cecile Zu Hohenlohe, ‘Nº 17 "CZH 010"’, 2014, Chamber

Cécile zu Hohenlohe’s collection of rings entitled “In The Space Between” includes unique, sculptural jewels for the hand. These “hand-sculptures” feature precious as well as semi-precious stones, rocks, pearls, metals, meteorites and other marvels found on her travels across the globe.

The collection was inspired by an 11th century quote from the Tibetan sage Milarepa: “In the gap between thoughts, non-conceptual wisdom shines forth continuously.” The rings seemingly float on the hand in the space between the fingers, and each uniquely designed piece can be appreciated both on and off the hand, as wearable art or as a small sculpture in its own right.

Image rights: Fran Parente

Langenburg, Germany

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