Cecilia Avendaño, ‘EP 05, Enfermedades Preciosas,’, 2017, Isabel Croxatto Galería

Series: Enfermedades Preciosas (2016-2018)

Image rights: Cecilia Avendaño

Group Show at Isabel Croxatto Galería, booth Ch.ACO Art Fair 2017 | FESTIN DE ARTE (special edition) 17-31 January 2018

Since 2008, Cecilia Avendaño's work has revolved around portraiture as an eloquent exercise on the production of imaginaries, both materially and conceptually, addressing aesthetic, poetic and political issues related to image. She is interested in carrying out research on identity, gender and age on a perspective of the construction of corporal cartographies. In "Precious Diseases" she engages in a more introspective subject, which could be referred to as autopoiesis, analyzing both the biological capacity as the tensions between cultural, social and natural aspects affecting our body and spirit.

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