Cecilia Paredes, ‘Highland Lake’, 2007, Ruiz-Healy Art

Cecilia Paredes combines themes found in nature - origins, transformation, and her body - to acquire multiple identities through a blend of sculptural recreations and photography. In Highland Lake, Paredes immersed herself in a beautiful shade of blue to create a photo performance examination of self-discovery. She sits curled up at the center of a seemingly vast body of water surrounded by bright, clinging flowers. As she wraps her arms around her back with her head curled towards her legs the performance becomes a moment of reflection, worship, and assimilation.

Paredes states, "There is also the factor in my mind that flora as we know it, is coming to be endangered so with all these preoccupations, I think that in these works, aesthetics bind with the anthropologic in order to register fragments of personal and social memory."

About Cecilia Paredes