Cerith Wyn  Evans, ‘TIX3’, 1994, Artificial Gallery

Executed in 1994, this work is from an edition of 10. Exhibited: LONDON, White Cube Hoxton Square, Cerith Wyn Evans: Inverse Reverse Peverse, April-May 1996/ LONDON, Hayward Gallery, Material Culture, April-May 1997/ PRAGUE, City Gallery of Prague, Close Echoes, September-November 1998/ YPRES, Merghelynek Museum, Lost/Past, June-September 2002/ BERLIN, Deutsche Guggenheim, The Vanity of Allegory, July-October 2005.

About Cerith Wyn Evans

Steeped in film, literature, and theory, Cerith Wyn Evans produces highly conceptual installations, sculptures, photographs, and films through which he aims to evoke “polyphony, superimposition, layers, levels, the occluded, and the visibility of the mask.” What drives his practice is his fascination with perception—how we understand texts, language, our surroundings, and each other. Wyn Evans combines and re-presents recognizable objects, texts, and images to catalyse a multiplicity of new, open-ended meanings. In his firework pieces, for example, texts from songs and poetry are created by placing fireworks on a wooden structure which is then set on fire while his chandelier sculptures turn texts into flashing Morse Code light signals. For Wyn Evans, these works interrogate the notion of the aesthetic and illustrate the malleability and instability of meaning as it shifts in context, perception, or physical states.

British, b. 1958, Llanelli, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom

Solo Shows

London, UK,
Cerith Wyn Evans
London, UK,
Cerith Wyn Evans
London, UK,
Cerith Wyn Evans
Hoxton Square, London, UK,
'Everyone's gone to the movies, now we're alone at last...
London, UK,
The Curves of the Needle
London, UK,
Look at that picture! How does it appear to you now? Does is seem to be Persisting?
London, UK,
Inverse Reverse Perverse

Group Shows

Wakefield, West Yorkshire,
London, UK,
Eclipse Towards the edge of the visible
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