César Orrico, ‘Ingravido’, 2016, Galerie Calderone
César Orrico, ‘Ingravido’, 2016, Galerie Calderone

Ingrávido represents the human being in its purest form. A sculpture focuses primarily on the anatomical study of the figure, where the tension of the body contrasts with the stillness of the face and weightlessness.
The movement content expressed through forms, is influenced by the intensity generated in the Japanese dance known as Butoh, which involves slow and very expressive movements. In it, the change and the tension of the physical form represent fundamental aspects of human existence where moods give way to improvisation, letting the body speak for itself. A contracted body that contrasts with the ethereal and light sense that envelope the sculpture, where calm and silence raise the figure in an eternal trance.
Detail – The hands of the sculpture are inspired by the fresco of the Sistine Chapel 'The Creation of Adam' by Michelangelo. So if we could join the hands of the sculpture by the index finger we could observe the same composition.

Manufacturer: CÉSAR ORRICO

Will be first presented at the London Art Fair in 2017

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