Cha Jong-Rye, ‘Expose exposed 170830’, 2017, Gallery Jinsun

Image rights: artist

About Cha Jong-Rye

Cha Jong-Rye’s wooden sculptures (typically wall- or table-mounted) form lyrical patterns that express notions of creation, infinity, and eternity. Her method of working with wood is unique in that she layers hundreds of delicate pieces and sands them down by hand to create three-dimensional canvases with richly textured, impasto-like surfaces. Accentuated by the interplay of light and shadow across their surfaces, her sculptures stand out for their fluidity, appearing from a distance like rumpled bed sheets or rolling sand dunes. Other sculptures feature smooth knobs of various sizes that allude to fantastical lunar landscapes. Recently, she has also developed a penchant for covering surfaces with graceful cones with finely fluted sides. According to the artist, the cone “is the first form to break through the flat surface and, at the same time, the last form that arrives at the sky.”

Korean, b. 1968, Daejeon, South Korea