Chad Kouri, ‘Jazz Movement Study (White and Red)’, 2017, Uprise Art

Beginning in 2012, these works are part of an ongoing series of drawings and paintings entitled Jazz Movement Studies. The series looks to capture sounds from Chicago’s past and present avant-garde jazz scene. The works are graphic transcriptions of John Coltrane's well-rounded album, Live at Birdland, part of which was recorded just miles away from where the works hang today. A standout track for Kouri is "Alabama", written in response to the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing on September 15, 1963, a racially-charged attack in Birmingham. These glyph-like gestures are meant to represent the album as a whole, capturing Coltrane’s tumbling arpeggios, octave jumps, and other frenetic riffs in an attempt to create order, understanding, empathy, and resolution out of chaos: both Coltrane’s auditory chaos and the cultural chaos of racial tensions we still experience in America today.

Signature: On back.

About Chad Kouri

American, b. 1985, based in Chicago, IL, United States

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