Mountain Chalet
Mountain Chalet
Mountain Chalet
Mountain Chalet

Select Solo Exhibitions

2012 Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, CT
2008 Artspace, New Haven Connecticut
2000 Monty Stabler Galleries
1998 Monty Stabler Galleries
1997 Monty Stabler Galleries
Interlaken School of Art, Interlaken, Massachusetts
1995 Monty Stabler Galleries
1994 Monty Stabler Galleries
1993 Monty Stabler Galleries
Columbia-Greene Community College, Hudson, New York
1992 Monty Stabler galleries
Merchant-Ivory Foundation at the Red Mills, Claversck, New York
1991 Monty Stabler Galleries
Ayden Art Center, Ayden, North Carolina
1990 Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York
Monty Stabler Galleries, Birmingham, Alabama
Gallery of Art, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
Moody Gallery of Art, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
The Waterworks Visual Arts center, Salisbury, North Carolina
1989 Phyllis Kind gallery, New York
Gray Art Gallery, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina
1989 Phyllis Kind gallery, New York
1988 Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York
1987 Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York
1986 Phyllis Kind Gallery, Chicago
1985 Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York
1984 Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York
Phyllis Kind Gallery, Chicago
1984 Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York
1983 Phyllis kind Gallery, New York
1982 Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York
1981 Phyllis Kind Gallery, Chicago
Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York
1980 Phyllis Kind gallery, New York
1978 Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York
Select Group Exhibitions

2011 Scale Factor, Aspace Gallery, West Haven, Connecticut.
Sameness-Difference-Variance, West Cove Gallery, West Haven, Connecticut
2010 CWOS, Artspace, New Haven, Connecticut
2009 CWOS, Artspace, New Haven, Connecticut
2008 Open Studios, Artspace, New Haven, Connecticut
The Players’ Lounge Invitational Exhibition, Pilot Pen International Tennis tournament,
New Haven Connecticut
Intricacies, Hess Laboratories, New Haven Connecticut
2007 California in Connecticut, New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain Connecticut
2005 New Visions, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland California
2003 Works by Lori Hanson and Lawrence Lincoln, Cham Hendon, Cynda Valle,
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Artists Gallery
1995 Temporarily Possessed; The Semi-Permanent Collection, The New Museum of Contemporary Art’ New York
Contemporary Art’ New York Alabama Impact: Contemporary Artists With Alabama Ties,
Fine Arts Museum of the South,
Mobile, Alabama and Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama Art Chicago “95, Chicago, Illinois
1994 The Mayor Show, Museum of the City of New York
Tandem Press: Five Years of Collaboration and Experimentation, Elvejhem Museum of Art,
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Recent Acquisitions, Museum of the City of New York
Random Systems, Columbia-Greene Community College, Hudson, New York
1993 A Salute to Peter Dean by His Friends, G. W. Einstein Gallery, New York
Printmaking Today, Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Struve Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.
The Diner Show, Hudson Gallery, Hudson, New York
In Celebration of Summer, Monty Stabler Galleries, Birmingham, Alabama
1992 Narrative Paintings and Photographs, Hudson Photographic Center, Hudson, New York
1991 American Narrative Painting and Sculpture, Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn Harbor, New York
Painting: The 1980’s, Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, Florida
1990 Faculty Exhibition, Gray Art Gallery, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina
1988 CRASH, Computer Assisted Art, Beloit, Wisconsin
1987 39th Annual Purchase Exhibition, American Academy and Institute of Letters, New York
Art Against Aids, Phyllis Kind Gallery
1986 Photo-Synthesis, One Penn Plaza, New York
Line Drives, Gallery 53 / Smitty Artworks, Cooperstown, New York
1985 Neuva Pintura Narrativa, El Museo Ruffino Tamayo, Mexico City
Dialoghi Nell Arti, Palazzo Ducale Di Gubbio, Italy
New Narrative paintings, selections from the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Contemporary Issues II, Holman Art Gallery, Trenton State College, Trenton, New Jersey
More is More, Phyllis Kind gallery, New York
1984 Exotic, Godula Bucholz, Munich, Germany
Painting and Sculpture Today, 1984, Indianapolis Museum of Art
Contemporary Landscape, Freport-McMoRan Inc., New York,
curated by the Art Lending Gallery of the Museum of Modern Art, New York
Of Saints and Sinners, Phyllis Kind Gallery, Chicago
1983 Bodies and Souls, Artists’ Choice Museum, Marisa Del Ray Gallery, New York
Festival of Arts, Muhlenberg College Gallery, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Saints, Harm Bouchart Gallery, New York
1982 Challenge and Response; Twenty-two New York Artists, Turman Gallery, Indiana
State University, Terre Haute
Narrative Painting, Mankato State University, Mankato, Missouri
Still Life/Interiors, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans
1981 Escapes, Art Latitude Gallery, New York
Five Decades, Recent Work by Alumni of the Department of Art, Elvejhem Museum of Art,
University of Wisconsin, Madison
1980 Studio Workspace Program Exhibition, P.S. 1, Long Island City, New York
Painters From New York galleries, James Madison University, Harrisburg, Virginia; Virginia
Polytechnic Institute, Blackburg, Virginia; Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia
1979 Painting and Sculpture Today, Indianapolis Museum of Art
Annual Mid-Year Exhibition, Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio
1978 Bad Paintings, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York
Recent Works on Paper by American Artists, Madison Art Center, Wisconsin


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About Cham Hendon

Since the late 1970s, Cham Hendon has been setting galleries and museums alight with his electric, psychedelically colored paintings, breaking the bounds of the formal methods in which he was trained. He first gained recognition for what he calls his “dumb” paintings, when Marcia Tucker, founding director of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, included his work in her groundbreaking exhibition, “Bad Painting” (1978). To make his works—whose subjects include urban and natural landscapes, animals, architecture and interior scenes, and portraits of canonical artists—Hendon begins with a detailed drawing on un-stretched canvas. Laying the canvas flat, and working quickly, he then pours a mixture of acrylic and Rhoplex (an emulsion that thins the paint and prevents blending) over the drawing, often working with multiple colors simultaneously, building up the thick, bright surfaces for which he is celebrated.

American, 1936-2014, Birmingham, AL, United States, based in Hamden, CT, United States

Solo Shows on Artsy

Cham Hendon - Recent Work, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery, New Haven