Chargesheimer (Karl-Heinz Hargesheimer), ‘Im Ruhrgebiet’, ca. 1956, Galerie Julian Sander

About Chargesheimer (Karl-Heinz Hargesheimer)

Chargesheimer’s photographic oeuvre includes both social documentary images of postwar Germany and more experimental endeavors that reveal his extensive technical knowledge of photography. Following World War II, Chargesheimer, who was born Karl-Heinz Hargesheimer, documented his native city of Cologne, photographing scenes of daily life and taking portraits of politicians and visitors to the city, including Louis Armstrong. “I want to photograph more and more of real life, so that I can show and explain to people things they cannot see for themselves, perhaps because they are too near them to see properly, or because they are afraid and run away from them,” the artist once said. In his more experimental works, Chargesheimer created abstract montages by applying chemicals directly onto photo paper and negatives.