Charlee Swanson, ‘"Burned & Broken #9"’, Novado Gallery

Series: "Burned & Broken"

Signature: Verso

2018: "Off the Wall! The New Collectors Show."
2016 - Present: Art & Artifacts Gallery, Newark, NJ “Queen of Angels: When a Church Dies"
2015 Walsh Gallery Seton HallUniversity NJ, in collaboration with Merton D Simpson Gallery NYC, A River depends on its Tributaries
2014 Gateway Project space Emerald City Newark NJ
2014 Merton D. Simpson Gallery of Tribal and Contemporary Art, “Simpson
and Stone”, curated by Alaina Simone, Gallery Director
2009 Newark Arts Council,”Freestyle”, curated by Jeanne Brasile
2008 Oct. 25 – Nov. 26: City Without Walls, “Democracy”
2008 Sep. 8 – Oct. 15: New Jersey City University, “Kaleidoscope: Abstraction
in 10 Ways”
2008 February – April: Rutgers and NJIT, “Neoconstructivism”
2007 April 28 – May 27: “Convergence”, Melissa Reed and Charlee Swanson at
Nobis Gallery, Jersey City
2007 April 19 – May 31: “Detritus”, Seton Hall University
2006 October – December: “Newark Between Us”, curated by Rupert Ravens 2005 Nov. – Jan.: Newport Museum of Art, Newport RI, “Ourchitecture”
2005 Newark Arts Council, “Facing Newark”, NY and NJ artists cultural
exchange installation exhibition, curator Rupert Ravens 2005 Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ, “Identity”

About Charlee Swanson

Charlee Swanson’s evocative works of art are composed of glass and steel, which the artist breaks or alters, creating fractures in the surface of glass or allowing steel to rust. “When I break glass I destroy its intent and assign it a new identity,” Swanson has said. “The original purposes of the glass and metal are no longer recognized by the viewer as objects of support, protection, and construction. I see this as a form of alchemy.” Through his many mutations, Swanson imbues the otherwise predetermined, industrial materials with new potential for meaning.

American, b. 1947, based in Montclair, New Jersey