Charlemagne Palestine, ‘Dark Into Dark’, 1979, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

About Charlemagne Palestine

Charlemagne Palestine navigated the worlds of art and music in the 1970s to create a body of work that explored the subtleties and textures of sound. A contemporary of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, Palestine’s minimal compositions relied on single sounds, notes, and drones. Palestine once said that as you strip away distracting elements from music, it allows the listener to “go deeper inside and begin to really savor the natural things that happen when a sound meets another sound and they merge in that chemical-like magic that we know very little about.” Palestine has also created video and performance works; for his 1976 video-recorded performance Island Song, Palestine strapped a video camera to himself as he rode a motorcycle around an island. He harmonizes with the motor while singing, “gotta get outta here.” Palestine’s jangly vocals mirror the shaky camera, suggesting the physical and psychological dimensions of sound.

American, b. 1945, Brooklyn, New York, based in Brussels, Belgium

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