Feuilles et Cactus Fine Art Deco Vase
Feuilles et Cactus Fine Art Deco Vase

Signature: Signed: Ch. Catteau Incised: Grès Kéramis Stamped: Boch Frères Made in Belgium Marked with design number: D.1024 Stamped with form number: 900B

For illustrations of this model, see:
Corrieras, Dominique. L’Homme de Kéramis: Charles Catteau. Paris: Editions Vivre Son Temps, 1991. 60.
Pairon, Marc. Art Deco Ceramics Made in Belgium – Charles Catteau. Aartselaar, Belgium: Foundation Charles Catteau, 2006. 435, 439.

About Charles Catteau

French, 1880-1966, Douai, France, based in Nice, France

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