Charles Désiré Hu, ‘Afternoon in the Park’, 1904, Godel & Co.

Afternoon in the Park, 1904 | Hue was both a lithographer and a painter and was known for his seascapes and genre scenes. He enjoyed painting eighteenth-century scenes and would often use Jean-Jacques Rousseau's works, as well as Antoine François Prévost's novel Manon Lescaut, as his inspiration. The playful scene in Afternoon in the Park depicts two women doting on a small girl, with a variety of toys scattered around the bench. The shadowy dark greens of the background and the direct sunlight heighten the bright and colorful dresses of the women and girl. Hue’s careful #brushwork lends to the verisimilitude of the work, especially in his representation of the patterns of the dresses and blanket and the textures of the foliage and ground.

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