Charles Lewton-Brain, ‘Cage Series Golden Citrine ring (left) ’, L.A. Pai Gallery

Charles Lewton-Brain invented fold-forming, a completely new way of forming sheet metal quickly into wonderful 3-D shapes and textures, most from single sheets of metal without any soldering. Fold-forming uses sheet material, folds it, works it and then unfolds it. Many schools and workshops teach and use fold-forming, and thousands of people use parts of the system in their work.

He has focused since 1997 on 'Cage' series works, related pieces bound by format, ranging from performance oriented body art to jewellery. The recent concentration has been on jewellery. The jewellery is made by welding stainless steel wire with an orthodontic fusion welder, then electroformed, literally grown in a copper-acid bath, finally heavy gold electroplating.

About Charles Lewton-Brain