Charles Loupot, ‘Valentine Paint Company’, ca. 1928, Omnibus Gallery

Charles Loupot did several posters for Valentine paints. This is an original design he made for them that to our knowledge was not made into a poster. It is made of paper cut outs and gouache paint.

Condition: A

Charles Loupot is considered one of the "four musketeers" or innovators of Art Deco design in France (the others being A.M. Cassandre, Jean Carlu, and Paul Colin).

Born on July 20, 1892, Charles Loupot got his artistic start by studying at school of Beaux-Arts in Lyon, which gave him a solid, Classical foundation. After serving in the war, he rejoined his parents in Geneva, and it is here where he learned the process of lithography. Switzerland possessed a strong school of poster designers, Cardinaux for example. It was at one of these Swiss printers, Wolfensberger in Zurich, that the young Loupot was able to familiarize himself with the tricks of the trade.
Even Loupot's first posters made a powerful impact. In 1918 the Gazette de Lausanne called him, “A young french artist who contributed greatly to beautifying our streets ... he is an illustrator of a lot of talent and resourceful colorist.”

Often placing his subjects on monochrome backgrounds, Loupot captures the viewers attention quickly and dramatically. Loupot seamlessly intertwines the object being sold, and the character selling it. His posters become stories, fantastical women selling products in a vast neutral backdrop. From the 1920s forward, Loupot was a highly sought after designer.

His gentle, and painterly style changed as he aged. In 1930, he joined A.M. Cassandre's advertising agency, "Alliance Graphique." During and after this time, there is a shift in his style. Although he keeps some of his softness, there is a definite influence of geometric composition and a hard edge - inspired directly by Cassandre.

Loupot's career stretched from 1916 to 1960, and he remains in history as one of the great innovators of graphic design, alongside Cassandre, Jean Carlu and Paul Colin.

Signature: Signed by the artist, upper right hand corner.

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