Charles-Nicolas Cochin the younger, ‘Triomphe de Pomone [Triumph of Pomona] from Nouveaux Morceaux pour des paravents [New Concepts for Screens]’, 1740, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

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One of five panel designs for a folding screen. The other designs in the series include Rocaille (Rococo Motifs) etched by Charles Nicolas Cochin ; and Hommage Champêtre (Pastorale); Léda; and Triomphe de Priape (Triumph of Priapus) all etched by Claude Duflos the Younger

Manufacturer: Designed by François Boucher, Published by Nicolas IV Larmessin

About Charles-Nicolas Cochin the younger

French, 1715-1790, Paris, France, based in Paris, France