Charles Robert Ashbee, ‘Knife’, 1904, Oscar Graf
Charles Robert Ashbee, ‘Knife’, 1904, Oscar Graf

About Charles Robert Ashbee

Alongside William Morris and John Ruskin, Charles Robert Ashbee was one of the most prominent figures of the Arts and Crafts Movement—especially in its later days—and created a body of work that spanned wooden furniture, drawing, metal tableware, jewelry, and decorative paneling. Founding the Guild of Handicraft in 1888, he secured his place within the movement; the guild’s two decades epitomized its reverence for medieval- and renaissance-style craftsmanship, especially apparent in simple enamel and gilded metal objects. The guild continued to operate through 1907, but reached its apex around the turn of the century under Ashbee’s tutelage, and his work in that decade remains his best known.

English, 1863-1942

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