Charlotte Colbert, ‘Untitled, Identity 6’, 2016, Gazelli Art House

About Charlotte Colbert

“I like…creating little windows into a narrative, allowing for anyone to fill up the missing pieces with their own stories,” says photographer and screenwriter Charlotte Colbert, who uses black-and-white film to produce evocative, fragmentary narrative photographic series. Her projects are driven by her interest in the workings of the mind, especially our need to make sense of the vagaries of existence. In her words, “Sometimes it feels the thread linking us to the world is so frail that…it could break leaving us at the mercy of all our repressed confusion, loss and fear.” Colbert’s projects are inspired by film and based on a script, as in A Day at Home (2013), in which she explores the fraught intersections between writing, homemaking, and the home, and how they shape a sense of self.

b. 1984

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Gazelli Art House at Photo London 2015